Pastor Joel Crotzer

I have always lived in the North Georgia Mountains of Dahlonega and Dawson counties. Growing up in the heartland of America I remember dreaming and desiring to grow up and get out of small town life. After much traveling in ministry and business I truly thank God for keeping us here with our three children, Joel, Joseph, and Charity. After 21 years of marriage to the most wonderful lady I have ever known, the Lord has taught us the true meaning of life.

During the process of life we learned how to overcome and help others lead a true born again spirit filled life and to manage the kingdoms of this world that belong to Christ, which are: Religion, Family, business, government, arts and entertainment, and media. These kingdoms must be ruled by Christ through good Christian men and women in order for our nation to have peace and to prosper.

In 2014 God has truly blessed our ministry by blessing us with our 22,000 square ft. facility being debt free. We believe every person should live a debt free life even if things take a little longer to build; time and patience are the foundations that stabilize everything and teach us many lessons. Some of these lessons are painful and some are wonderful. Come experience life ministry for everyday people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome. I would also like to thank all the wonderful people that work with us to build God’s kingdom.

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